My “kustom” WH40k Ork battlewagon

So the project is almost finished. Some time ago I found out that my mate is not going to make it to Warhammer 40k doubles tournament that we were going to attend.  Since the organiser of the event allowed me to play on my own, I needed third battlewagon for my orks. I have two of GW ones and didn’t want another one looking exactly the same so decided to build my own , proper ork “kustom job”.

It is 11 inch long with deffrolla, proper monstrosity (and accidentaly was always getting blown to bits as first in the tournament, even though it has exactly same stats like other wagons 🙂 ) and I am very proud of it. It only needs finishing touches now (maybe bit more mud effect on wheels, finish painting grot rigger on the turret, maybe few decals and attaching deffrolla properly to the front.

How do you like it?



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3 responses to “My “kustom” WH40k Ork battlewagon

  1. Wow dude! That looks awesome! 😀 Propa kovershun 🙂

    Sorry for not being able to attend. Family first, orks second 😉

  2. Novista

    Cool mate, i know a little boy who was very interested when he spotted it on the dining table the other week.

  3. madd0ct0r

    I do like this a lot.

    Certainly intimidating enough to explain the early game attention

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