6mm Soviet airborne infantry/2S9 Nona (Anemone)- 120mm SPH/Mortar by Heroics&Ros

Our local gaming group recently made a big order for 6mm modern stuff since we are starting to play Cold War Commander.I decided it will be good idea to write some reviews of the miniatures we received.

2S9 Nona (Anemone)- 120mm SPH/Mortar is a perfect choice for Russian airborne troops, providing you with some long distance fire support. It comes in two parts (turret and the rest) at 40 pence a piece. It’s good that you can just buy single vehicles from Heroics and Ros, as you don’t always need five of each (as sold by Skytrex and GHQ for example).  Model itself is decently made, all six I ordered didn’ty have any parts miscast, barrels look sturdy enough not to break immadietely when bent. Not amazing amount of detail, but then comparing it with highly detailed GHQ equivalent its more than 3 times cheaper. If you are not obsessed with highest quality possible it will be an excellent choice for your army.

Soviet airborne pack is looking very nice. Everybody in our club seems to be very happy with quality of H&R infantry, me including. Looks like it will be our standard 6mm supplier for little guys 😉

Pack costs 2.5 pounds. Not a lot and with the good quality, it is in my opinion best supplier of 6mm modern infantry in the UK.

Litthe bag contanis 48-50 figures. Apart from regular airborne infantry in few different poses (including soldier with radio) you get two 120mm mortars with crew, two HMGs with crew, two snipers, two  SA7s, couple of commander models (with field glasses), two recoiless rifles, 3 Spigot ATGW teams and few RPGs. Not bad for 2.5 pounds I would say!

I hope H&R will release Soviet airborne in action- type of pack (just as the one for normal Soviet infantry that they sell) to add bit of dynamism as figures in that pack all mostly marching/prone.




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4 responses to “6mm Soviet airborne infantry/2S9 Nona (Anemone)- 120mm SPH/Mortar by Heroics&Ros

  1. Big Brother

    Great review! Thanks! Looking forward to some photos of painted miniatures and hopefully some battle reports later on. How many players are involved in that system in your group?

  2. Got 7 people already in and few more thinking about it 🙂

  3. It’s 2S9 Nona not Anona 🙂 Good review. Cheers

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