Flight of the Intruder… A review of Heroics and Ros aircraft

So the whole of the Old Guard (our wargames group in Brighton) have been whipped up into a frenzy of Cold War excitement with S. purchasing a copy of Cold War Commander recently. We all started talking about prospective armies to be taken by us and a period. We settled finally on 78-81… and both S. and I (myself being obsessed with it) decided to get armies for the Vietnam War also. With our technical advisor Lee on hand we dived into the army lists and decided what to get. Going for an Airborne Force (aircav for ‘Nam) I looked at making an order with the rest of the guys from Heroics and Ros. I had never heard of H and R and took a bit of a gamble with ordering things for them. I ordered some infantry and some 6mm UH-1 Hueys, a couple of A-6 Intruders (more on those later), an AH-1 Hueycobra and a Sea Stallion. First thing I’d like to say that in the modern age is it really that hard to have pictures in your miniatures catalogue? This made me cautious to start with… however the immensely attractive price of the figures more than compensated for this, that and H and R’s snappy delivery time was excellent. Meeting S. in the back of a shady cafe in Brighton it felt very fitting of the cold war as I opened the package and checked the merchandise. I was immediately impressed. Multipart vehicles at 6mm can be swing and miss in their quality in the extreme; these however immediately put any fears of that on the shelf. I got them home and cracked out the superglue and clippers. I started with the UH-1s (those who read this need to understand that to me… the UH-1 is probably the coolest aircraft… ever) and was impressed with the quality. They had very little flash to deal with and the figures themselves were very satisfying to construct. They come with a single part fuselage and separate main rotor and skids, they stuck together quickly and weren’t too fiddly. After finishing the UH-1s I moved to the Hueycobra. This was a slightly different case, it was again high quality multipart, but a lot more fiddly to construct with very thin skids which bent the moment I looked at them. It did however come with a choice of loadout between either rocket pods (for ‘Nam) or TOW missiles for later periods. After some perseverance I managed to complete the AH-1 and it looked pretty sweet actually. The big thing I’d like to say about H and R helicopters is the separate rotors. Now these look excellent and it shows that for a low price that you can get good quality without cutting corners (another company we ordered from did not provide rotors for its helicopters… for a much higher price!)

I finally moved onto the Sea Stallion, this thing was vast. Even at 6mm you see the size of this thing. It’s a huge aircraft and consequently H and R have done a brilliant representation of this. Again, very high quality for a very low price (£2!). The stallion needed a little shaving here and there on the engines, but nothing even an inexperienced modeller couldn’t do. It came with separate landing gear which I did not affix as I was worried they would not hold the weight of the beast! They will look great on my next one coming into land. Again the separate rotor really makes it when you affix it as the final piece. The last figure to check out was the Intruder. Now… a quick word on these. I only wanted 2 of these, S.  however (in charge of the order) felt that ordering an entire carrier wing was a better idea… 10 Intruders later and we realised we made a mistake. Just a quick aside that H and R understood our plight and with a quick e-mail were more than happy to exchange them for us. The quality of the Intruders was a little lower that the Helicopters, still pleasing though for the low price (£1.50 I think.) The whole fuselage was a single piece cast with the refuel arm separate. The cast quality drops around the cockpit where the definition is lower. It is however still a very nice model though, and like I say, the price more than makes up for this.

Needless to say I will be making more orders from Heroics and Ros soon!

Mike Everest




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3 responses to “Flight of the Intruder… A review of Heroics and Ros aircraft

  1. Novista

    Hey mike, where’s the pic’s of the intruders (i mean Grumman not Madame whips special 😉 )

  2. Joe Malthus

    Hello, do the Heroics and Ros helos come with some sort of flight stands? I’m thinking of ordering some, and it’s good to see that they are quite good for their price.

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