6mm Viet Cong from Main Force

After Mike Everest has been going on about Vietnam and how cool would it be to play it, I started looking on the internet for suitable, yet relatively cheap models in 6mm.  After some research I stumbled upon Main Force line being sold in UK by Magister Militum and decided to give it a go.

For 8.80 pounds you get: 6 command stands (one soldier kneeling, other laying on the ground with field glasses), 1 SA7 soldier,  4 RPG teams , 6 LMG teams, 2 HMG teams, 1 heavy mortar and decent amount of riflemen (with stands of three, two and singe figure to customize your bases a bit).

Apart from HMG, SA7 and mortar team they are all in laying position and figures are placed on metal bases. Quality of models is good, there was only very little flash and they are also quite sturdy. HMG team is actually multi-part which was bit surprising in that scale, but 2 parts fit in together very well. Figures are bit on a chunky side, probably more 8mm than 6mm but thanks to their position this is not really visible at all, providing you don’t mix them with figures from a different manufacturer on the same base.

I can’t really say I have any serious complaints about that range apart from uniformity of the poses- little bit of variety wouldn’t go amiss and RPG teams could be made bit better to stand out from normal rifle teams  but still I am definitely not dissapointed with my purchase.

All in all for £8.80 you get decent VC force that can be used straight away with Cold War Commander rules  and gives you about 1500 points with few upgrades from the rulebook.



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One response to “6mm Viet Cong from Main Force

  1. Jules

    If you look closely there is a little variety in the infantry teams – some have guys in conical hat, some do not! Painting these hats different colours of tan/sand/cream also helps me tell who is who stand-wise! Mind you my guys have never left their box! Lol!

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