Miniature Wargames January 2011 review

Today I received my copy of Miniature Wargames for January 2011. I originally ordered it only because it had a first interview with Rick Priestley since he left GW and also there was an offer of free postage, so curiosity won 🙂

It’s been some time since I had MW in my hands and I have to say it still looks and reads good. I like pretty relaxed style, layout is quite nice as well.

Interview (of sorts , as it was more of a report from  chat with him rather than a proper interview) is interesting, sheding some light on his divorce with GW (and incidentally just proving again that this company has less and less to do with any creativity at all) and also telling us about his future plans and projects (new Ancient system anyone?).

What have we go apart from the interview? Some columns, figure and book reviews, funny WWII scenario for 28mm, thourough analysis of new edition of DBMM (nothing EVER will convince me to waste my time on that game anyway ha ha..), interesting article about Siege of Harfleur from Henry V’s campaign in France (and how to play it of course!), Napoleonic scenario foe Gebora 1811(very, very impressed with scenery and figures presented on photos there!), scenario for Pancho Villa vs. Pershing’s forces in Mexico, excellent article about drybrushing (being extract fro ma Kevin Dallimore’s book). All that plus lots of adds on 80 pages for 3.95 pounds including postage from

Whilst I usually don’t buy wargaming magazines anymore, this one didn’t dissapoint me and I consider it money well spent.



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