Skytrex 6mm Soviet BMD, Gaz 66 truck and ASU 85

I bought these some time ago and finally got around to do a review.

Lets start with price- Skytrex is selling all vehicles in packs of 5 for £2. Not bad and delivery was pretty quick as well, so no complaints here. When it comes to quality of miniatures it really varies. Definitely the best out of these three is ASU 85 air portable tank destroyer. Pretty good definition, barely visible mould line and pretty good detail. I have to say that I really wasn’t dissapointed with that one. Gaz 66 truck also didn’t have any significant flash and detail on its is pretty good. However here I run into problem- mould line on all of GAZ66s is very big and visible. It also runs in very unfortunate spot, making it pretty much impossible to completely remove it without destroying detail of the model. Moving to BMD- it is definitely worst model out of the three. There is big flash under a barrel of its cannon- its thick and  almost impossible to remove it completely without destroying the barrel. Even removing big part of it is actually dangerous (I lost parts of two barrels that way).  Mould lines aren’t too bad but definition is not impressive. Also Skytrex version of BMD is not really accurate- its smaller and back of it doesn’t really look like BMD should do- in comparison to Heroics &Ros one I acquired recently it looks just pretty bad.

All in all Skytrex vehicles are bit of hit and miss and lack of pictures on their website really doesn’t help either.




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