6mm Mi-24 Hind E and Mi 8 Hip from Heroics& Ros

I got these quite some time ago, together with my other Soviet stuff. Since I am playing Soviet VDV airborne (no Mike, NO! don’t even start singing!) I obviously need helicopters. Well, perhaps I don’t really need them but decided to get some anyway- I am definitely not the one that could resist fielding 3 Hinds in my army 🙂

Both Mi 24 Hind E and Mi8 Hip costs £1.50- very good price and I would say it is an excellent value for your money.

Helicopters are scuplted really nicely. No issue with massive mould lines here and what little lines it had was really easy to remove without damaging any details of the helicopter . Detail on both models is pretty good and there is only a little bit of flash on rotors. They are all supplied with all possible weapon options- rocket pods, ATGWs etc. I was very impressed with that amount of extra bits for models costing £ 1.50.  With Mi8 that basically means that you can have it as a transport helicopter or add rockets on the side and have it as an attack helicopter. In game we play, Cold War Commander, Mi 8 as an attack helicopter is a secondary choice, but it costs much less points than Mi 24 so sometimes its a only viable option.  In general H&R seems to be doing really good job with their helicopters, offering cheap and surprisingly good quality models. Comparing it to GHQ asking 7 pounds for their Mi 24… need I say more? 🙂




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