GHQ 6mm VietCong infantry pack and support weapons pack

After buying Main Force VietCong infantry and playing one game with Mike I decided I need some more troops for my VC.  I decided to try GHQ as its one of three companies that produce stuff for Vietnam range as far as I know (others being already reviewed Main Force and Irregular miniatures which I plan to get few as well at some point in future).

GHQ sells two different packs- one being VC infantry, other is VC support weapons. As with all GHQ stuff in UK, it is available through Magister Militum that runs fast and efficient service.  Price is £ 6.75 per pack which is quite a lot copmaring to for example Heroics& Ros that sell their packs for £ 2.50.

Lets start with infantry.

In blister you will find 50 models. Most of them are armed with AK 47s, some seem to be also armed with captured American weapons, all in 4 different poses.  You also get 8 soldiers armed with RPG, 6 in prone position with field glasses and 6 kneeling ones that would work great as command figures.  Quality and detail on figures is really good and they seem to be sturdy enough. They also seem to be just the right size.  Definitely recommended pack for anybody playing VC.








Support weapon pack costs the same as the other one. We get same figure of kneeing commander and prone observer with field glasses, few heavy mortars with accompanying crews, few prone figures with LMGs,  few HMGs and multi-part Recoiless Rifle, curiously this one without any crew manning it. There are 50 figures all together in the blister. I was however really dissapointed with the quality of this one.  Asking almost 7 pounds for a blister you would think that GHQ would provide the  best quality (as they seem to do with their vehicles). This is however not the case with that pack. All HMGs and LMGs have massive flash under barrels. Same happens with mortars, that basically look like triangular lumps of metal.  Other manufacturers clearly prove that you can do support weapons without horrible amount of flash and it looks like GHQ just couldn’t be bothered this time to do job properly. Unfortunately my feeling is that I wasted my money on that one.



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