Scotia Grendel 6mm Soviet infantry and artillery crew

Recently I decided to check yet another company producing 6mm stuff. I wanted to add some variety to my Soviet force, so I decided to buy Scotia Grendels advancing infantry from their Soviet range. Price is  £2.50 for a pack of 50 guys. Not bad price wise. Also decided to get myself some gun crew, which costs 65 p for 10 figures.  Everything arrived pretty quickly and well packed.

Biggest problem for me with those models is their scale- they are more like 8mm, so they are bit too big to mix with my other Russians. I made one stand cutting of their incredibly thick bases off and they are ok. Incidentally they seem to be exactly right scale to use for Epic 40k so if you are looking for some proxies for Imperial Guard or Traitor Guard then Scotia Grendel Range might actually be your answer!

Its pretty strange to have such a mixed quality in the same pack as well. Among 50 guys there are pretty much 3 different figures plus few LMG teams in prone position. Solider with a radio set is actually very nice and sturdy as well. Same can’t be said about those in running position- most of them already snapped at the ankle and seem to be very flimsy, sculpt not being the best either. Worse one of the three is soldier in standing position. Its hard to say what happned to his gun but his right hand seems strangely deformed and thicker. LMG team is actually pretty nice, so this infantry set seems pretty fifty-fifty.

Gun crew is definitely much better with 5 different poses (and only one looking weird and unnatural), but same issue of too big size. Scotia infantry models look too big near vehicles as well (and that includes Scotia Grendel vehicles). I suppose if you like the scultpts then you should probably have all your infantry from that company, as mixing it with other manufacturers just would look too good (apart from perhaps Main Force which is also on the big side).

Scotia Grendel produces however very interesting range of modern vehicles and I will be reviewing their Russian trucks and jeeps shortly.



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One response to “Scotia Grendel 6mm Soviet infantry and artillery crew

  1. Great job!

    There’s one thing I would pick on. Quality of the pictures. You know you can always ask me for help or soemthing. Maybe next time in the club I can give you some tips. 😉

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