6mm Simply 6 buildings

About a week ago I received some scenery from Simply 6. Bad news is that owner of the company decided to close the business due to personal reasons which is a shame as there were some really nice and affordable pieces of 6mm (and 3mm as well if thats your thing) scenery on sale there.

I got two small sets of white reisin ruins (£ 2.45 for 2 of bigger ones and 2.35 for 2 of smaller ones), ruined industrial building for  £ 2.50 and two town houses (one damaged and one normal ) for £ 2.50 a piece.

They are very neat building I have to say- good detail and definition on all of them, no visibkle flash or mould lines to get rid of and for that price I think its very good value for your money.

You can still get this stuff at Angel Barracks http://angelbarracks.co.uk/ while the stock lasts so I suggest hurrying up and getting some, before those nice bits of scenery dissapear completely.



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