Scotia Grendel Soviet trucks and vans

Yes, you guessed right- time for yet another review:)

Scotia Grendel is one of the companies that produces quite extensive range of vehicles for all modern armies. As a Soviet player I was not dissapointed with the choice offered. I got Gaz 66 airlifted truck, one with communication mode and also open topped one plus UAZ 452 light van truck  and Gaz 69 jeeps. Excellent choice for command groups for Cold War commander, each piece costing 50-60 p and you don’t have to buy 5 of each like with GHQ or Skytrex. Not much flash, no serious problem with mould lines and models are pretty accurate.

My only problem was with open topped Gaz 69 jeep. I have one from Herocis &Ros for comparison and unfortunately Scotia Grendel ones doesn’t come up well in comparison. There is lack of detail inside the jeep, no seats present making it look really weird, almost like crate on wheels rather than jeep. Apart from that one though all the others are very nice and I was happy with them.Definitely recommended.



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One response to “Scotia Grendel Soviet trucks and vans

  1. ‘crate on wheels’ hehe 😀
    maybe you’re supposed to put some infantry in?

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