6mm Skytrex Mi 6 Hook

This had to happen. I was debating with myself for a long time whether to write this review or not. Some people say that its better just to say nothing instead of writing a bad review.  I still decided to do it though, as one of the aism of this website is to provide people with ACCURATE information about different wargaming products out there.

So here we go- Mi 6 transport helicopter made by Skytrex. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it is the only company so far producing this model in 6mm scale. “Hook” is a flying monstrosity, in Cold War Commander its able to transport 8 units of infantry or even towed guns, enabling you to do really devastating air assaults. I decided to go for it and bought myself 3 of them (I always liked to think big 🙂 ordering them through Lee, who was also making some order with them.  Price was £ 4 each so I thought it was already bit expensive, but decided to bite the bullet anyway. When I finally received the models though, I was simply shocked. In my 16 years long “career” as a wargamer I have to admit that I don’t think I have ever seen such a poor excuse for a model.

First of all- It looks like simly big lump of mode, roughly in shape of the helicopter with  wheels that need to be attached as well.  Mould lines are massive, there is a lot of flash and most importantly the model simply completely lacks any detail and definition and I really mean it. Apart from few points in place of its round windows there is no more detail than that. To add insult to an injury helicopter doesnt come with rotors!!! I am not sure why is that, but I wouldn’t buy it even just for that reason.

Probably only useful thing that can be done with that model is to have it somewhere near when you are playing with very annoying opponent. Its one of the rare example of 6mm miniature that when flung at somebodys head has a very good chance of knocking them out.

It is probably the only time I demanded money back for something I have bought, luckily Skytrex customer service seems to be very good and I received a full refund.  I am sorry to say but you really want to stay away from that particular model.



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  1. Good job! 😀 And don’t try throwing anything at me when I kick your ass 😀

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