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Review – Heroic and Ros, Lynx AH Mk.1 (ULMA402) in 6mm scale

by Lee “Safety Stick” Parnell

The Westland Lynx AH Mk.1 was the principle attack helicopter of the British Army Air Corp for most of the eighties and nineties. Whilst it wasn’t as heavily armoured or armed as the Apache WAH-64 that replaced it, it was a relatively light and nimble airframe with a useful weapon load of eight TOW anti-tank weapons.
Attack helicopters are a useful tool on the modern battlefield and would be a near necessity to stop an armoured thrust by Nathan’s Russian armour. I decided to pick up a pair of H&R’s offering to see how they looked.
user posted image
user posted image

This is where H&R really win out. At £1.50 a chopper they come in lower than Skytrex (£2) and GHQ (£7 for a pack of two). The GHQ model looked visually appealing on the website but for something that only appears briefly in a turn…it’s hard to justify paying twice the price of the H&R model, especially as the H&R helicopters have a fairly good reputation amongst are group. After the Mil-6 incident there was no way I was going to buy Skytrex without seeing the model first!

Rotor diameter came out at about 12.6m which isn’t far off the 12.8m from the books, something that surprised me in a good way. The length was hard to gauge as it’s from nose to tail rotor center which I made to be about 11.4m; a little short of the 12.3m in real life.
I’m not sure I trust that measurement though. Gut feel is that the overall dimensions are right.

Mould Quality
Mould quality was variable. In general, detail was crisply captured. I had one Lynx with minimal mould lines and one that had quite bad flashing. The mould runs down the vertical centre of the model which leaves the mould line in between the two engine fairings, a bitch to clean up.
user posted image

On both Lynx, the mould really broke down around the tail rotor/stabilizer junction. That must be a bitch to mould without it bleeding out so it may have benefited from having the tail rotor and/or stabilizer as a separate bit to get a cleaner mould. It took a bit of butchering to clean up, and the worse of the two lynx still has a faint line along its nose. A bit of a shame.
user posted image

Pretty good. The model is made of multiple parts so the launchers, skids and main rotors are pretty accurate in shape and size with no need for filling in that a single piece model requires.
user posted image

The fuselage has the rather sporty lines of the Lynx captured well. My only issue would be the engine pods which don’t really look anything like the much smoother blended ones on a lynx. The pods sharply contrast with the hull with and abrupt start and a just as abrupt rear! In reality, the intake is quite curved (thanks to particle separator) and the rear blends back into the hull with two circular exhaust vents venting sideways. It doesn’t stop the model being obviously a Lynx but it does stop it being a great rendition of the aircraft.

In some ways the model is very well detailed. The TOW pods look the business and the forward hull and tail boon are both captured well, with the canopy galzing and TOW optics turret well defined and realised. Major aerials are also present on the fuselage and tail boon which was an unexpected but welcome level of detail. However, there are a few little odd errors:
1. Although the main glazed canopy panels are very well defined, making painting easy, the model is missing the two, relatively large, windows in the lower hull. I ended up painting them on by eye alone!
2. The Cabin Door is a bit short in length which throws off the reference points of the model and makes the rear fuselage look oversized. It bugged me for ages what was making the back of the fuselage pod so weird until I realized. The Cabin Door is also modelled with two small windows rather than the single large on in reality (its never had two small windows).
3. As mentioned, the engine pods are completely wrong and are lacking in detail compared to the rest of the model. There’s no intake detail and exhaust vents are missing, necessitating painting on two gunmetal grey circles in roughly the right place! It’s quite a jarring drop in detail when the forward hull and TOW launchers are so nice.
Much as the form, what’s there is really good. But its let down a little by what has been missed off.
user posted image

Overall, the model was a fun one to paint, even if the preparation was a little laboured due to the mould lines. There was just enough detail to make for an effective and interesting paint job and the form leaves no doubt as to what the model represents.
I do find it a little sad that, but for an extra bit of attention to the engine pods, the model would really rival the GHQ model at a fraction of the price. As it is, the H&R lynx is still very good value for money and I would certainly suggest you consider how much worth your going to get out of the extra £2 you pay for the GHQ model.
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If you’d like to know more about how I painted the Lynx (pedantic levels of fine detail included) then head over to my blog here.
Lee Parnell


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Skaven Hellpit Abomination

Everybody that plays Skaven knows that this beast is a very, very good addition to your army. Also everybody that played against it learnt to hate it :). For ages there was no model available for it, but since according to fluff no Abomination is ever the same, being mutated mass of heads, claws, muscle and whatever else you can imagine , people were scuplting their own. One I did was my first attempt at sculpting and to be honest I was actually quite happy with the result. Problem is that comparing to one that was offcially released my one is just too small. I might still use it from time to time, but I decided I need to get GW one.

Now everybody that knows me is aware that I am definitely not a “GW fanboi”, however I have to say that this model is beautiful. Even our local art critic Matt Lord from All Along the Watchtower podcast says he really likes it and he rarely likes anything GW ;).

Model costs £ 30.75. Not very cheap (although if you are not willing to spend unnecessary amounts  of money,  you will get yours from Maelstrom or Wayland Games and pay few pounds less 😉 ) but in this case its worth it in my opinion. It has 78 parts. You will use most of them, so no luck if you think you will end up with mountain of spares, however you will have few nice bits left over from that kit, that any creative scratchbuilder will put to a good use. You can assemble your Abomination in few different ways, but its always the same pose. However you have a choice of different bits to attach to it, so not all models will look exactly the same. For example if you want to give it more Scryre feel, there are enough mechanical limbs and other bits to make it look that way. My only criticism (and it’s minor) is that not all parts fit perfectly well and there are some gaps left- nothing that bit of green stuff cannot fix though. All in all it is definitely one of the nicest modesl GW ever made and it really looks like The Abomination (also called “A-bomb” by Skaven players ;)) should look like.



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Ork Blasta-Bomma WIP

In two days there is 2000 points super-heavy WH40k tournament in Brighton and I thought that it would be a nice excuse to build another crazy ork vehicle.  After thinking for quite a long time I decided to go for Blasta Bomma.

Instead of building almost exact copy of FW plane, I though about using one of the plastic kits available for the modellers. Some research online and finally visit to a ModelZone got me A-10 in 1:48 scale that looked good enough to me to have it as looted ork flyer. I know, you probably think it doesn’t look chunky enough. Well, thats the problem with super-heavies though. Make it too chunky and it will not fit on the table 🙂  On top of that I just really, really like the look of A-10 🙂 So after couple of days fo work interrupted by unimportant things such as eating, sleeping etc . it is beginning to look half-decent. After the tournament i will add more rivets and more details, now i am off to painting it to some semi-decent level.


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