Ork Blasta-Bomma WIP

In two days there is 2000 points super-heavy WH40k tournament in Brighton and I thought that it would be a nice excuse to build another crazy ork vehicle.  After thinking for quite a long time I decided to go for Blasta Bomma.

Instead of building almost exact copy of FW plane, I though about using one of the plastic kits available for the modellers. Some research online and finally visit to a ModelZone got me A-10 in 1:48 scale that looked good enough to me to have it as looted ork flyer. I know, you probably think it doesn’t look chunky enough. Well, thats the problem with super-heavies though. Make it too chunky and it will not fit on the table 🙂  On top of that I just really, really like the look of A-10 🙂 So after couple of days fo work interrupted by unimportant things such as eating, sleeping etc . it is beginning to look half-decent. After the tournament i will add more rivets and more details, now i am off to painting it to some semi-decent level.



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