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Brighton Warlords club – sort of a review by one of the visitors

I had a very nice opportunity to have a game of Warhammer at Brighton Warlords Club. I had such a good time that I decided to write a something like a review.

As far as I know Warlords meet every Monday at King and Queen pub where they have a very nice venue to use for any game you want. There are enough tables for everybody and plenty of various scenery to use for any system you like. I was especially impressed by the Flames of War games but all systems have a lot of things to choose from (and the quality of little dioramas is superb!). The fact that you can order a pint at any time adds nicely to the very nice atmosphere. What else do you need to ask for than a chance to play a game on a beautiful table with a pint in your hand after all? 🙂

I have noticed that members play at almost any game you want. This time the majority played 40K but there were some fans of Flames of War, Warhammer and Warmaster Ancients too. And as I am told, it is just a part of what people play here. It also seems that some people come along with not just one army. So finding an opponent is not a problem at all.

People start coming from 5pm and we played until 10pm so there is definitely enough time even for a big battle if you fancy one. There were a few chaps who were so quick as to play no less than 3 games this evening. Well done lads! J

Members are very friendly and rightly so as it is always good to encourage new players to come more often. I knew only 2 or 3 at the beginning but was leaving the venue after nice chat with plenty of others. I just wish I can come along more often to Brighton. If you are nearby and looking for a nice gaming evening this is definitely a place to go. 🙂



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Grot Orderly: Spray on varnish problems? There’s a fix!


I rarely just copy stuff from other blogs but my good mate and fellow countryman  Karol aka Zigmunth aka LighterAccident 😉 wrote short and quite crucial tutorial how to save your models after varnish disaster so here we go:


Spray on varnish problems? There’s a fix!

Hello everyone! I guess that if you are reading this, you might have had encountered problems with GW or any other brand spray on varnishes in the past. I know I had.

Here is a picture of my custom Legion of the Damned squad that I painted couple months back.

As you can see they got this awfull frosting all over. This is due to GW Matt Varnish has been sprayed on:
a) and the can hasn’t been shaken enough
b) humidity in the room was too high
c) it was a bit too cold

But don’t worry! There is a way to get your models to like at least like this:

How did I achieve that? Simply follow the steps above with utmost care! In the end they are your loved models, aren’t they?

Note: All varnishes I used were paint-on varnishes. We wouldn’t want to repeat the mistake, now would we?

Step 1: Try warming up your models. Sometimes, in rare occasions, that might be help enough. For some reason it can melt the layer of varnish or something and restructure it… don’t know the technical reasoning for this, but it works. If it doesn’t, don’t put your hair dryer away just yet.

Step 2: Apply a gloss varnish (any make will do but I noticed the GW and Vallejo work best). Before you do it, warm a model just a little bit as in step 1.

Step 3: After the gloss varnish is dry, heat it up again and apply matt varnish. This should fix your problem.

Caution: Do not use a hair dryer TOO CLOSE to the model, you don’t want to melt the plastic. It is better to keep it longer in the heat than melt it!

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Review of Ramshackle Games goblin bolt thrower

So we have a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle army book coming up within next few days- Orcs& Goblins. Since GW seems to be going quite mad with their prices (up to a point that even their local fanbois that I know start having second thoughts) why not to look for cheaper alternatives? One of the things I found browsing the internet is Ramshackle games. Stuff on their website looked nice, prices were cheap so I decided to order few things for my 40k Orks (great orky-looking vehicles and bikes  there guys!) and also decided to give it a go with their goblin bolt thrower. Since I am just about to finish building (unfortunately not painting ha ha!) goblin-only WHB army I need lots of those machines. They are cheap and every effective for their points. Problem is that GW produces only one model for it and i am not a big fan of having 6 warmachines that look exactly the same on the table.

Price of Ramshackle bolt thrower is 4 pounds so not bad comparing to GW 😉

It scales really well with GW night goblins (as the models are in robes, looking definitely more like NG rather than common gobbos).

Sculpts are ok- nothing breathtaking, but in my opinion decent enough and I am not dissapointed. Bolt thrower itself is pretty simple design, no fancy stuff but again, decent. My only problem is with part on which you put the bolt itself- under it it doesn’t have any detail, just flat area which is bit of an overlooked to me. All in all not too bad though.

Reisin itself is not great- there is a lot of flash, but nothing major, you won’t be needing to carve your model out of block of reisin) , all fairy easy to remove.

All in all I think its pretty nice addition to my gobbo army and I think if painted nice it will look pretty good. For that price you can’t really say no (unless you are of course completely obsessed with highest quality possibly).


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My Ork Killboss for Blood Axe army

I recently started converting and building Blood Axe specific army based on Blood Axe fandex that I found on excellent The Waaagh forum. I found that work to be very balanced piece of writing giving me as an Ork player great alternative to normal codex Ork armies and tactics. One of the great characters that immadietely grabbed my attention was Killboss- it is bit like a bigger and meaner version of Boss Snikrot, allowing your army to play in very distinctive, “kommando” style  with a lot of infiltration etc. It didn’t take me long to start looking for suitable bits in my box and putting the figure together with the help of some green stuff as well. That is the final result before painting:

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