Review of Ramshackle Games goblin bolt thrower

So we have a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle army book coming up within next few days- Orcs& Goblins. Since GW seems to be going quite mad with their prices (up to a point that even their local fanbois that I know start having second thoughts) why not to look for cheaper alternatives? One of the things I found browsing the internet is Ramshackle games. Stuff on their website looked nice, prices were cheap so I decided to order few things for my 40k Orks (great orky-looking vehicles and bikes  there guys!) and also decided to give it a go with their goblin bolt thrower. Since I am just about to finish building (unfortunately not painting ha ha!) goblin-only WHB army I need lots of those machines. They are cheap and every effective for their points. Problem is that GW produces only one model for it and i am not a big fan of having 6 warmachines that look exactly the same on the table.

Price of Ramshackle bolt thrower is 4 pounds so not bad comparing to GW 😉

It scales really well with GW night goblins (as the models are in robes, looking definitely more like NG rather than common gobbos).

Sculpts are ok- nothing breathtaking, but in my opinion decent enough and I am not dissapointed. Bolt thrower itself is pretty simple design, no fancy stuff but again, decent. My only problem is with part on which you put the bolt itself- under it it doesn’t have any detail, just flat area which is bit of an overlooked to me. All in all not too bad though.

Reisin itself is not great- there is a lot of flash, but nothing major, you won’t be needing to carve your model out of block of reisin) , all fairy easy to remove.

All in all I think its pretty nice addition to my gobbo army and I think if painted nice it will look pretty good. For that price you can’t really say no (unless you are of course completely obsessed with highest quality possibly).



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