Grot Orderly: Spray on varnish problems? There’s a fix!


I rarely just copy stuff from other blogs but my good mate and fellow countryman  Karol aka Zigmunth aka LighterAccident 😉 wrote short and quite crucial tutorial how to save your models after varnish disaster so here we go:


Spray on varnish problems? There’s a fix!

Hello everyone! I guess that if you are reading this, you might have had encountered problems with GW or any other brand spray on varnishes in the past. I know I had.

Here is a picture of my custom Legion of the Damned squad that I painted couple months back.

As you can see they got this awfull frosting all over. This is due to GW Matt Varnish has been sprayed on:
a) and the can hasn’t been shaken enough
b) humidity in the room was too high
c) it was a bit too cold

But don’t worry! There is a way to get your models to like at least like this:

How did I achieve that? Simply follow the steps above with utmost care! In the end they are your loved models, aren’t they?

Note: All varnishes I used were paint-on varnishes. We wouldn’t want to repeat the mistake, now would we?

Step 1: Try warming up your models. Sometimes, in rare occasions, that might be help enough. For some reason it can melt the layer of varnish or something and restructure it… don’t know the technical reasoning for this, but it works. If it doesn’t, don’t put your hair dryer away just yet.

Step 2: Apply a gloss varnish (any make will do but I noticed the GW and Vallejo work best). Before you do it, warm a model just a little bit as in step 1.

Step 3: After the gloss varnish is dry, heat it up again and apply matt varnish. This should fix your problem.

Caution: Do not use a hair dryer TOO CLOSE to the model, you don’t want to melt the plastic. It is better to keep it longer in the heat than melt it!

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