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15mm Russian Infantry in summer uniforms by Plastic Soldier Company

I got this box quite some time ago but didn’t have time to assemble all the models before. Finally due to Bank Holiday I managed to do it 🙂

So what do we get in a this very nice looking box? There are 130 infantry models made in a hard plastic. Will Townsend is a first person that have done plastic models in 15mm scale as far as I know (at least for WWII) and he did an amazing job! For 18 pounds you get 130 miniatures. There are 10 LMGs with loaders, 15 NCOs and 95 riflemen/SMGs. There are over 20 different poses including commisar model and even one female model without a weapon (can be used as medic for example) so that will give your force a nicw variety. There are nearly 30 figures with SMGs amongst the normal infantry ones. Figures have amazing level of detail, there are no visible mould lines to clear- simply perfect! One thing that was putting me off from them for some time is that some of the models are multi-part and it does look a bit scary in 15mm. When I finally assembled them I was totally surpised as it proved not to be any problem at all, all parts fitting into their places neatly. Figures also don’t suffer from “pumpkin head syndrome” which so many Battlefront miniatures seem to have.  This box is an excellent value for your money and much cheaper than their Battlefront counterparts. They also fit in with them perfectly size-wise so you can easily put models from both manufacturers on the same base. With affordable and excellent tanks for Russians and Germans and their upcoming British infantry sets Plastic Soldier Company is definitely becoming a much cheaper and better alterantive to BF in my opinion. My apologies for low quality of picture. I am still learning how to use my camera properly!



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Three-face, the Verminous Horror from Banebeasts range

Maelstrom Games started their own range of resin miniatures some time ago. Big monsters were a good choice taking in account that GW failed to produce models for most of them. I remember looking at Three-Face when it was released, but back then price was higher and I decided not to buy it.  Since then GW released Skaven Hellpit Abomination and Maelstrom decided to drop their price down to 36 pounds, which is few quid more than GW one and I also decided to run army with two of those nasties. Since GW model can be modified only slightly and Abomination that I sculpted ages ago is just far too small I decided to finally get the Maelstrom alternative as my second Abomination.

Model comes in a nice box and each part is wrapped in lots of bubble wrap- nice!

As you could expect with resin product there is some flash, but nothing too bad (unlike infamous Forgeworld models of the past that you had to literally hack out of big lump of resin). There are some mould lines to get rid of as well but again, no big deal and no part seems to be disfigured because of that.

Sculpt itself is really nice and looks terrifying, as such a monster should be ! Assembly is relatively easy but elements don’t fit 100 % perfectly, so some green stuff filling will be necessary.

As you can see on the picture the models is massive and bigger than GW Abomination. It doesn’t have any base but again something that can be easily solved with plasticard and polyfiller. In general I am really happy with it and I think it was money well spent. If other models from Banebeasts range are of similar quality then they can be definitely recommended as well!



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Scheltrum Miniatures Volksmarine range

Yes, another of my Salute purchases 🙂 Being Very British Civil War fan I couldn’t miss an opportunity to add more troops to my ever-growing Anarchist and other left-wing militias. With pre-Salute rumours about Scheltrum releasing range of interwar German Revolution models I thought I will find something for myself. I definitely wasn’t dissapointed!

I got one set of armed workers (which took part in Battle for Shoreham today) and two sets of Volksmarine (People’s Navy). For 5.5 pounds we get 4 miniatures in the set so the price is definitely good.  I really couldn’t resist as I always wanted to add some sailors to my anti-government force 🙂

I got SEM10 and SEM11 sets, one of them being sort of command squad with and officer and a standard bearer.

Quality of the cast is not amazing, but still decent enough for me to like the miniatures. There is definitely room for improvement. There was quite a lot of flash but mould lines were easy to remove.

Sculpts themselves are really nice and miniatures have interesting poses. One thing that bothers me a bit is that a sculptor seemed to have some problem with pistols and revolvers. Some of them are really out of proportion. Couple of models have their heads set too deep as well so they look like their missing big part of their neck. Apart from that though I really like that range and I definitely wasn’t dissapointed and probably will get some more in the near future.With some improvement Scheltrum has a chance of being very important company for all of us playing VBCW, not mentioning people actually wanting to play German Revolution games as well.


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Mantic Games Orcs review

At the last Salute I decided to buy some undead cavalry from Mantic Games and as a free bonus I received little sprue with 3 Orcs from their latest range which they are just beginning to sell. Despite of what my mate Mike is saying I think Mantic produces quite decent miniatures (some of them actually really nice) for a decent price and they are nice alternative to overpriced GW products. I do share his opinion about Mantic elves and I think company should forget as quickly as possible that they ever produced that range and destroy all moulds 😉 however I was rather pleasantly surprised with orcs.

What do we get then? For 14 quid Mantic is giving us 15 orc warriors that can be assembled in different ways. There are 4 different heads and 3 bodies with a choice of axe/shield or two axes plus two little snotlings on the sprue. . They can all be assembled to look in quite different way but in bigger regiments they might look bit samey-samey.  Their bodies are less bulky that GW equivalent but still big enough to look Orc :). Sculpts have good detail on them, no massive mould lines either so no problem here. My only slight complaint here is that in my opinion their heads are a little bit too small. Apart from the size they look nice, giving them bit of World of Warcraft look.

All in all if you are not a complete GW fanboi and you are looking for much cheaper way to supplement your Orc&Goblin army Mantic is definitely way to go, especially as they have more releases coming soon.


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Forged in Battle 15mm Soviet Maxim HMG teams

I got this miniatures some time ago but since my life has been pretty hectic recently I only got around to writing this review now.

For £5.26 directly from the producer (or slightly less if you are buying from Maelstrom) you get 4 maxim teams  with 3 crew each. Casting is crisp, there was almost no need to remove any flash, detail on the models is also very good. There are 4 different models (3 in helmets and one in cap). I took a comparison picture near some Battlefront Soviet miniatures are I would say Forged in Battle fits in very well.  With prices competitive to BF and lots of releases in 15mm I would say we are witnessing beginning of a good career for that company!


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