Mantic Games Orcs review

At the last Salute I decided to buy some undead cavalry from Mantic Games and as a free bonus I received little sprue with 3 Orcs from their latest range which they are just beginning to sell. Despite of what my mate Mike is saying I think Mantic produces quite decent miniatures (some of them actually really nice) for a decent price and they are nice alternative to overpriced GW products. I do share his opinion about Mantic elves and I think company should forget as quickly as possible that they ever produced that range and destroy all moulds 😉 however I was rather pleasantly surprised with orcs.

What do we get then? For 14 quid Mantic is giving us 15 orc warriors that can be assembled in different ways. There are 4 different heads and 3 bodies with a choice of axe/shield or two axes plus two little snotlings on the sprue. . They can all be assembled to look in quite different way but in bigger regiments they might look bit samey-samey.  Their bodies are less bulky that GW equivalent but still big enough to look Orc :). Sculpts have good detail on them, no massive mould lines either so no problem here. My only slight complaint here is that in my opinion their heads are a little bit too small. Apart from the size they look nice, giving them bit of World of Warcraft look.

All in all if you are not a complete GW fanboi and you are looking for much cheaper way to supplement your Orc&Goblin army Mantic is definitely way to go, especially as they have more releases coming soon.



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