Scheltrum Miniatures Volksmarine range

Yes, another of my Salute purchases 🙂 Being Very British Civil War fan I couldn’t miss an opportunity to add more troops to my ever-growing Anarchist and other left-wing militias. With pre-Salute rumours about Scheltrum releasing range of interwar German Revolution models I thought I will find something for myself. I definitely wasn’t dissapointed!

I got one set of armed workers (which took part in Battle for Shoreham today) and two sets of Volksmarine (People’s Navy). For 5.5 pounds we get 4 miniatures in the set so the price is definitely good.  I really couldn’t resist as I always wanted to add some sailors to my anti-government force 🙂

I got SEM10 and SEM11 sets, one of them being sort of command squad with and officer and a standard bearer.

Quality of the cast is not amazing, but still decent enough for me to like the miniatures. There is definitely room for improvement. There was quite a lot of flash but mould lines were easy to remove.

Sculpts themselves are really nice and miniatures have interesting poses. One thing that bothers me a bit is that a sculptor seemed to have some problem with pistols and revolvers. Some of them are really out of proportion. Couple of models have their heads set too deep as well so they look like their missing big part of their neck. Apart from that though I really like that range and I definitely wasn’t dissapointed and probably will get some more in the near future.With some improvement Scheltrum has a chance of being very important company for all of us playing VBCW, not mentioning people actually wanting to play German Revolution games as well.



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