Three-face, the Verminous Horror from Banebeasts range

Maelstrom Games started their own range of resin miniatures some time ago. Big monsters were a good choice taking in account that GW failed to produce models for most of them. I remember looking at Three-Face when it was released, but back then price was higher and I decided not to buy it.  Since then GW released Skaven Hellpit Abomination and Maelstrom decided to drop their price down to 36 pounds, which is few quid more than GW one and I also decided to run army with two of those nasties. Since GW model can be modified only slightly and Abomination that I sculpted ages ago is just far too small I decided to finally get the Maelstrom alternative as my second Abomination.

Model comes in a nice box and each part is wrapped in lots of bubble wrap- nice!

As you could expect with resin product there is some flash, but nothing too bad (unlike infamous Forgeworld models of the past that you had to literally hack out of big lump of resin). There are some mould lines to get rid of as well but again, no big deal and no part seems to be disfigured because of that.

Sculpt itself is really nice and looks terrifying, as such a monster should be ! Assembly is relatively easy but elements don’t fit 100 % perfectly, so some green stuff filling will be necessary.

As you can see on the picture the models is massive and bigger than GW Abomination. It doesn’t have any base but again something that can be easily solved with plasticard and polyfiller. In general I am really happy with it and I think it was money well spent. If other models from Banebeasts range are of similar quality then they can be definitely recommended as well!




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2 responses to “Three-face, the Verminous Horror from Banebeasts range

  1. That does look scary!
    You can sort the base problem with some balsa wood or two layers of plasticard. I got loads of both. Or just buy the GW monstrous creature base. Should still fit the three-face even though it’s bigger the HPA.

  2. sorted it with plasticard- no way I am paying GW extortionate prices for a bit of plastic!

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