15mm Russian Infantry in summer uniforms by Plastic Soldier Company

I got this box quite some time ago but didn’t have time to assemble all the models before. Finally due to Bank Holiday I managed to do it 🙂

So what do we get in a this very nice looking box? There are 130 infantry models made in a hard plastic. Will Townsend is a first person that have done plastic models in 15mm scale as far as I know (at least for WWII) and he did an amazing job! For 18 pounds you get 130 miniatures. There are 10 LMGs with loaders, 15 NCOs and 95 riflemen/SMGs. There are over 20 different poses including commisar model and even one female model without a weapon (can be used as medic for example) so that will give your force a nicw variety. There are nearly 30 figures with SMGs amongst the normal infantry ones. Figures have amazing level of detail, there are no visible mould lines to clear- simply perfect! One thing that was putting me off from them for some time is that some of the models are multi-part and it does look a bit scary in 15mm. When I finally assembled them I was totally surpised as it proved not to be any problem at all, all parts fitting into their places neatly. Figures also don’t suffer from “pumpkin head syndrome” which so many Battlefront miniatures seem to have.  This box is an excellent value for your money and much cheaper than their Battlefront counterparts. They also fit in with them perfectly size-wise so you can easily put models from both manufacturers on the same base. With affordable and excellent tanks for Russians and Germans and their upcoming British infantry sets Plastic Soldier Company is definitely becoming a much cheaper and better alterantive to BF in my opinion. My apologies for low quality of picture. I am still learning how to use my camera properly!



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