WIP- Ork Lifta Wagon

Local tournament for best Ork warboss is coming closer and I decided to field Dreadmob army from Imperial Armour 8 (FW stuff is allowed in our local club).

One of the most hillarious and orky things I have seen there was a Lifta Wagon. Essentially this is a Battlewagon with Lifta Droppa- ingenious Ork device allowing you to lift enemy vehicles and throw them around. I loved that idea from the very beginning. Quick look at Forgeworld website quickly confirmed my suspicions- the usual overpriced, although nice looking product was well above what I would feel comfortable spending on a model (60 quid or so plus postage- no thanks 😉 ).

Well, being an Ork boss has one massive advantage over most armies- you can easily convert things and let your imagination go loose without worrying that your creation will not look the part.  What you see on the pictures is of course very much work in progress. There will be more rivets added in all empty spaces and there will be big exhaust pipes on the back instead of those small ones that are there for now and then of course I will try to have my wagon suitably painted.

I welcome all comments, questions and suggestions.



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