Grot Orderly: Citadel Finecast.. or rather FailCast?

My mate Karol from Grot Orderly blog just wrote a review of much advertised , supposedly amazing GW Finecast models… I thought it would be good idea to share it so check it out!

Not so fine Finecast

… or should I say miscast?

28th of May! Finecast has been released to the world! So, what did Games Workshop promise us in the Finecast range? Highly detailed models, lighter material, softer to work with and better mix than Forge World mix, that would not break and chip or shatter when dropped. What did we get? Highly detailed models are a check, but what I found out by reading different posts online was that the new resin mix is something not what most modelers and painters want. Yes it is softer to work with, but it is too soft. How do I know that?

Well… I was very optimistic when they announced that range. I was not excited about the price hike, but what the hell. The models were supposed to look much better. Today I got down to my FLGW and got two models you see below:



So on closer inspection I noticed couple things that are wrong with them. Black Orc Big Boss has his shield miscasted – in the top right corner you can see the two fangs on the shield, they barely hold to the rest of the shield; this shield also has it’s top half almost falling off, which my wife almost ripped apart just by touching it.

Flash… just have a look at the axe. Need I say more?


Ghazghkull has his one arm miscast (bottom right corner), and it looks terrible!

The rest of the sprue:

The resin mix is too soft to do anything with it. I actually don’t like it that much so far, but I haven’t got a chance to do any proper cutting. I had couple of the sprues before the 28th and they were just a bit too soft. But that, as with any new material, just takes some time getting used to, so I wouldn’t count it as a bad thing.

All in all, the parts that have been cast properly look wonderful. Nice crisp detail, sharp edges. There are some mouldlines but with this resin mix being soft I don’t see any problem removing them with a sharp exacto knife. So do I like the new range? Yes, I do like it… Do I mind miscasts? I do! But what I mind even more is the lack of quality control / check. These sprues should be discarded and not put in the box for me. Apart from that, go for it, unless you mind the price.



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2 responses to “Grot Orderly: Citadel Finecast.. or rather FailCast?

  1. Overall, the ‘Finecast’ just seems to come off as cheap to me. It’s just not the same quality as Privateer Press or Mantic’s Resin/plastic hybrid mixes. With those two companies, I just seem to have to trim a lot less flash off the minis before being able to assemble them.

    The general quality control at GW has been rather poor lately. I have had literally every base in a box of Saurus Cavalry come miscast in some fashion, parts missing or broken in a perfectly sealed box, among other issues. Lots of escapes in recent history, not sure exactly what changed at their company/warehouse to warrant that.

  2. I bought a Zagstrukk and it was awfully casted, I spent almost an hour filling the gaps with green stuff and the top of the missiles in the backpack was so stuck with casting remains that I almost needed to re-sculpt it with my modelling knife. Also, I checked other versions bought by other customers in the same shop, and they all had exactly the same defects, so I don’t thkik it’s a problem of QA, I think there have been (great) mistakes either in mould productions, or in the casting process, or possibly both. Apparently they’re injecting resin just as they do with plastic, but it evidently does not work. Generally speaking the material is poor, far too soft (swords seem made of rubber, for instance) and definitely too “bubbly”, faces and small particulars come off a bit better, though, but that does not compensate the lack of quality and the many defects, particularly considering the price raise (you now pay a GW resin hero, almost two times what you pay a PP metal hero!) I’m sorry to say that if they do not change something and very soon, I’m not gonna buy any more citadel “Failcast” mini. Never again! (long live e-bay and old metal minis!)

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