Skaven projects

It has been a busy time for me and didn’t have time to work on new projects and publish reviews.  However for some time I had been working on different ideas for my Skaven army so I thought- why not to publish the pictures of the work in progress?

First is a very simple one. It is Skaven Jezzail team. With ridiculously expensive GW models if you want to include them in your army it is a good idea to try and make your own . I made that one from one old and one new clanrat, Empire handgunner musket with a barrel extended with a bit of plastic and  tomb king shield as a pavise. As you can see the final effect is not bad at all and the cost of the team was minimal.



I always wanted to do Scryre themed warlitter for the warlord as well.  Mad mechanical contraption kind of suited my army better than just simple warlitter carried by few bodyguards. This is still pretty much WIP and two stromvermin bodygards will be running in front of the litter, but you get the picture 😉



Before GW release their model for Doomflayer team I really liked the idea of that machine anyway so decided to build my own.  It was really qiite simple piece of kitbashing and tiny bit of converting. Obviously it will all look much better after painting 🙂

Well that’s it. Hopefully everything will get painted soon and will look good.



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