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“September Campaign” – fan made campaign book for Flames of War

Couple of weeks ago  a link appeared on our local club forum.  Somebody said I might like it. And clicked, had a look, then downloaded it and I was blown away.

September Campaign is a fan made book for Flames of War players allowing you to play German invasion of Poland in 1939. It was made completely by one Polish bloke living in Sweden and it is distributed for free in PDF format. I will not lie if I will say I have never seen so much effort put into a free publication before. Book is over 100 pages, full colour and beautifully made.  I was totally impressed with its quality, especially taking in account that this is a one-man project.

It is made of3 parts. In first you can read fair bit about historical background of September Campaign, short descriptions of main Polish commanders in that period and also chronology of most important events, maps etc.

Part two deals with the campaign itself and to my pleasant surprise includes even extra rules for things such as 9TP tanks that had been used in defence of Warsaw (and at the time there were only few prototypes of them), polish airforce etc. This part also allows you play whole operations from that period and also isolated scenarios depicting most important battles of September 1939. We have all together 4 operations and 5 isolated scenarios, with a promise of more to come (including part dealing with Soviet invasion of Poland on 17th of September).

There is also one operation from the point of view of German 4th Panzer Division (as all the others are played from the point of view of Polish forces) and another surprise- extra operation allowing you to play battles connected with cavalry partisans of major “Hubal” operating in Poland in 1940. All battles are really well researched and scenarios are written in very clear, easy to understand manner with a lot of optional things. As a historian I have to commend the author on very good accuracy of everything he had written about.

Part 3 is very well written and laid out “hobby part” with lots of practical tips about painting, scenery making and all things useful for actual miniature aspect of the book.

I say that very rarely, but this project gets 10 out of 10 easily! Looking forward to extra ddditions and hope they will be as good as this book. Thoroughly recommended!





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WIP Blood Axe projects

Time for a little update. Amongst many projects I am working on, my Blood Axe army is constantly expanding. Since my grot skouts are doing pretty well in games and it is such a cool idea for a unit, I thought I will convert few more of those guys. Here are the results:








Now since I want o field two units of them , i am converting another grotzooka team and when I finish it, I will post results. Not sure whether to use ready made Gorkamorka runtherd for them or bother with making my own, more Blood Axe looking one? We will see.

Another thing for any good Blood Axe warboss is hunta-killa kanz, especially those with twin linked rokkits. I dound them really effective, especially with their outflanking move, so it was time to make some more of them, as I only had unit of 3 so far. Here are the results so far:


























Another addition I needed was a model for Blood Axe character called Kernul Dregnatz- awesome BA tank commander, allowing you to take tanks in squadrons and in general adding a lot of armoured whackiness to your Blood Axe list. It was rather simple conversion using micro art studio Orc kaptain head, body of an OOP ogryn with big choppa and rokkit added under ripper gun to make it a kustom kombi weapon. Effect wasn’t too bad:








I started using Killboss as he is another fully and amzing character in that codex. Some time ago I presented stage one, I listened to feedback from people (thanks everybody!) and made his weapon look more like a proppa power axe rather than just big choppa, added greenstuffed night vision google and listening device attached to his helmet and got rid of big horns as I thought they would just obstruct Kommando legend in his work. Now I am beginning to paint him.








And at the end just one example of my many converted kommandos:








What do you think guys?



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