“September Campaign” – fan made campaign book for Flames of War

Couple of weeks ago  a link appeared on our local club forum.  Somebody said I might like it. And clicked, had a look, then downloaded it and I was blown away.

September Campaign is a fan made book for Flames of War players allowing you to play German invasion of Poland in 1939. It was made completely by one Polish bloke living in Sweden and it is distributed for free in PDF format. I will not lie if I will say I have never seen so much effort put into a free publication before. Book is over 100 pages, full colour and beautifully made.  I was totally impressed with its quality, especially taking in account that this is a one-man project.

It is made of3 parts. In first you can read fair bit about historical background of September Campaign, short descriptions of main Polish commanders in that period and also chronology of most important events, maps etc.

Part two deals with the campaign itself and to my pleasant surprise includes even extra rules for things such as 9TP tanks that had been used in defence of Warsaw (and at the time there were only few prototypes of them), polish airforce etc. This part also allows you play whole operations from that period and also isolated scenarios depicting most important battles of September 1939. We have all together 4 operations and 5 isolated scenarios, with a promise of more to come (including part dealing with Soviet invasion of Poland on 17th of September).

There is also one operation from the point of view of German 4th Panzer Division (as all the others are played from the point of view of Polish forces) and another surprise- extra operation allowing you to play battles connected with cavalry partisans of major “Hubal” operating in Poland in 1940. All battles are really well researched and scenarios are written in very clear, easy to understand manner with a lot of optional things. As a historian I have to commend the author on very good accuracy of everything he had written about.

Part 3 is very well written and laid out “hobby part” with lots of practical tips about painting, scenery making and all things useful for actual miniature aspect of the book.

I say that very rarely, but this project gets 10 out of 10 easily! Looking forward to extra ddditions and hope they will be as good as this book. Thoroughly recommended!






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One response to ““September Campaign” – fan made campaign book for Flames of War

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words easterm barbarian 🙂

    There will be more stuff released in the near future, I have a few sources that look at the invasion from the German perspective with the whole German plan of invasion – which will be used for additional German POV operations. I also managed to find a Early War Soviet beta pdf with Rifle and Tank companies which will be used as a backbone for the Soviet operation dealing with the invasion from the east and their fights with the Polish border defense forces “KOP”. There are also a couple of famous battles left out from the book which will be included either as standalone actions or part of German operations.

    The book was written and put together in little over two weeks but there was research and information gathered for a few months prior to my actual writing. So while I am gathering stuff and writing notes it may take about two months before I start writing and compiling the add-on.

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