Very British Civil War book “The People’s Armies” review

I just got my copy today, fresh from printing (I had it on preorder) and already finished reading it. Solway Crafts and Miniatures released another great sourcebook for their more and more popular Very Britush Civil War.

Book (or rather booklet) is beautifully printed in A5 format and has 28 full colour pages.  It costs 8 pounds plus postage. Perhaps not the cheapest but Solway being a small one-person wargaming venture, it is definitely worth supporting and ordering. After all its roughly price of two pints (maybe three if you include postage ;)). This one is written by  Dr Paul Cunnigham and I have to say he did an amazing job! Myself being a VBCW player with my large Brighton Anarchist Militia and some Independent Labour Party contingent I was waiting eagerly for its release.

There are no rules here as in other sourcebooks, as people use variety of wargaming systems for VBCW. It is filled with stories, pictures and drawings.  It describes history, organisation, uniforms and armament of Workers Defence Corps, Anarchists and Independent Labour Party Militias and then finally Communist-led People’s Assault Columns. There are 6 plates of beautiful colour drawings of different militias by talented artist  Pete Barfield known from other Solway Crafts VBCW books,  very much in style of Osprey books, making it look even more professional.

If you are a fan of VBCW then this booklet is definitely worth getting.

Myself after reading it I can say that I am definitely not regretting spending my money on it. I am quite tempted to buyA Guide to Tanks and Military Vehicles now 😉



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