Zvezda Il-2 Sturmovik and Katiusha rocket launcher review

For a long time I needed some air support and rocket battery for my Russian sapper-engineers. Now few months ago Russian company Zvezda finally released their 15mm kits for those and I decided to buy them. It took some time for models to appear on the British market but finally the day has come 😉

You can buy those in few model shops (including couple of online ones) and also plenty of ebay sellers have them in stock. I got 8 Katiushas for 20 quid and 3 Sturmoviks for around 2.5 pounds a pop which comparing to BF prices isn a massive bargain. I was quite worried about the quality but decided to give it a go anyway, as my funds were not big enough to justify buying BF versions.



This is an early version. Model requires no glue to assemble and includes flying stand. Initially I thought it will be a nightmare to assemble but I was quickly proven wrong, with all elements snapping into place with no problem.

Level of detail of course is bit lower than on BF but there are no serious differences. Main one is lack of rockets under the wings, something I can definitely live without. There are two ways to assembly our “flying tank”- one with wheels out and one in flying mode, with wheels in. Very nice touch!

Cockpit is bit less detailed than the Battlefront one and that is the main difference.

Plastic is very shiny and I haven’t primed it yet but i am sure it will be ok. For that price its absolutely worth it!



Katiusha model is also very nice. Same type of shining plastic as with Sturmoviks. size wise its alsmost exactly like the BF one, only difference is that rockets are bit shorter- again something I can live with. Very nice detail otherwise and pieces snap in place perfectly. Only minus is that Katiushas come without the crew but between some spare Russians from Plastic Soldier Factory and some other artillery crew from BF and other manufacturers that I am acquiring at the moment plus some right size FoW bases from warbases.co.uk I will have full Katiusha batttery for half of BF price. Nice!


Below comparison pictures of Zvezda and BF stuff- thanks Lee!



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