WIP Goblin Chariots

It has been a bit quiet here recently but I was really busy with RealLifeTM so didn’t really have to to put any new reviews/WIPs on the website.

Now mid October me and my mate Mat are going to take part in WHB doubles tournament in Brighton. That of course means more paining and more work assembling ans converting stuff. Big part of my army (and big part of our battle plan as well!) is 5 goblin chariots grouped in two units, that so far have been doing really well in practice games.

Since GW only produces one type of CGoblin Chariot and I didn’t want them to look all the same I decided to convert a couple, change one of the goblins chariots as well by adding extra elements to it and making it bigger and also got myself a boar chariot (that in future will be part of my goblin count-as orcs force).  Obviously as you can see painting is far from finished, but I am working on it. Thanks to recent purchase of small batch of old, metal gobbos I can also add enough variety to the crew. For now I just need to base them nicely and put few colours so they will be tournament-worthy, later on I will work on them more and finish them (hopefully soon!). Hope you like the result so far.


As usual opinions are welcome!




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2 responses to “WIP Goblin Chariots

  1. Big Brother

    As usual you are very creative and full of nice ideas! I really like that and it seems it suits your Greenskins, both in Fantasy as in 40K. Chariots look good although one has a feeling they might fall apart any moment! 🙂 I guess this is all Goblin technology for you 🙂 Looking forward to see them painted. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, thats exactly the idea about them looking like they are going to fall apart any moment . Thats how gobbo chariots were described in the army book 😉

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