My Orks ready for war ! My tournie army plus some of my latest conversions

So my Ors are ready for war again. I am attending two-day Brighton Warlords 40k tournament this weekend. Unfortunately my Blood Axes from fandex that I have been using wouldn’t be ready on time so I decided to go back to playing normal codex.

This is my 1750 army:

Ghazkhull 225

Big Mek (Kustom force field plus bosspole) 90


17x shoota boyz plus Nob with powerklaw and bosspole 142
18x shoota boyz plus nob (powerklaw and bosspole) 148

4x meganobz (one kombi rokkit, one kombi skorcha) 170
+dedicated Trukk (boarding plank, red paint job, battering ram) 50


14xburnaboyz 210
5x lootaz 75

Fast attack

3x warbuggies with twin lined rokits 105
3 x warbuggies with twin lined rokits 105

Heavy support:

Battlewagon (grotriggerz, deffrolla, big shootax2, amoured plates, boarding plank, redpaintjob) 145

Battlewagon ( red paintjob, deffrolla, armoured plates, kannon) 135

Battlewagon (riggers, deffrolla, big shoota, kannon, boarding plank, redpaintjob) 150

Yes, this time decided to go for Ghazkhull. As much as I hate special characters of that calibre, with all those bent Grey Knights armies and Mephiston in every Blood Angel list, Ghazkhull is becoming a must for an ork army if you want to have a chance against them. I simply got totally bored of my orks getting illed almost single handedly by him and that was before Grey Knights got the new “ward” codex and tournaments turned into even more of car park wars. I included unit of burntaz for something a little bit different (at least locally).

Obviously as every time tournament is an incentive to paint (not going to bother showing you my paintjobs as there are othing special) and my favourite sport- converting!


Here are pictures of few things I made to use in that tournament:









Below are: Nob with looted marine powerfist and shoota/big shoota type of weapon,meganob with TL shoota, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and one of the burnaz. Better pictures when they get painted, but i hope you get the idea so far 😉


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