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Red Bear book for Flames of War

So the Read Bear finally arrived. Many of us at the local club were waiting for this book. I managed to borrow a copy off Nathan for few days so I can write a review and in a new year I will be getting y own copy as well.

Red Bear covers allied forces on the Eastern Front from January 1944 till February 1945.

Book costs 30 pounds and its 218 pages, A4 format in harback. I have to say that it is beautifully made with maps, pictures and photos of games played and it looks great so spending 30 quid on it is fully justified!

So what do we get?

First of all book co

ntains bit of history and description of ost important operations and battles on the Eastern Front, fro relief of Leningrad till invasion of Hungary. I didn’t have a chance to read it yet but I am sure most of us are not getting this book because of historical references šŸ˜‰

ain thing of course is army li

sts and we have plenty of those here. Some of them had been released as PDFs, lots of them were in River of Heroes and other supplements. Now they are all in this book with adjusted point values and some rule changes.

Following lists are inclu

ded for Soviet forces:

tank battaion

guards heavy tank regiment

guards tank battallion

heavy self-propelled ar

tillery regiment

light self-propelled artillery regiment

lend-lease tank battalionĀ  (usi

ng American and British tanks)

motorised rifle battalion

forward detachement (very

interesting list I must say!)

recoinessance company

guards cossack regiment

rifle battalion

machine gun-artillery

battalion (defence formation with access to fortifications)

penal battalion (ever dreamed about showering your opponent with bucket loads of fearless guys with lots of SMGs? here’s list for you:)

partisan brigade

shock rifle battalion

engineer-sapper battalion (one that I am taking to a next tournament in January)

storm battalion (infantry formation for urban assaults)

On top of that we have Polish Home Army Battalion included (thats for people wanting to play battles during Warsaw Uprising) and Romanian forces that were allied to Soviets after their defeated in 1944 (with 5 different lists).

Of course apart from that we have some special characters that can be included in some of the lists.

It is hard for me to say what units changed their costs exactly, but definitely t-34s are more expensive, sapper engineer infantry went up as well, whereas lots of Assault Guns and all other ROF 1 tanks went down in cost. Changes are ranging from small to very big (80 points less for platoon of 4 ISU 152 assault guns!) so in certain lists you will be definitely able to pack more stuff in, whereas in others you will have to limit number of your vehicles/troops.

There are few important changes though that had been already discussed a lot on forums. Russian rule “Hen and Chicks” changed (so now other tanks have to move if commander moves and cannot move if he doesn’t move, get +1difficulty to firing on the move wherease before they couldn’t fire at all if they moved too fast and also they can fire their MGs at the same time)Ā  and all medium ortars seem to be able to fire directly as well.

All in all I can say that so far so good and haven’t spotted any rule or point costs that I would really dislike.

End of the book has very good section on modelling (3 pages about odelling your Home Army forces for Warsaw Uprising ), painting etc. with nice pictures of Soviet and lend-lease tanks and their painting schemes.

If you are playing Soviets inĀ  Flames of War (Late War period) this book is must-have!




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Blood in the Badlands campaign book review

GW just released their latest supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and our club decided to purchase a copy. As usual I used it as an opportunity to write a review, so here we go.

First of all- price. Book costs 20 pounds and we get 96 pages, full colour book with hardback cover. Not bad I have to say.

Now about the book itself. Essentially this is a supplement presenting you with an option of playing ongoing campaign between few players for control of Badlands. It is suggested to use Mighty Empires for this but of course if you don’t have a copy it will be easy enough to make your own campaign board. Book starts with presentingĀ  armies of people from GW that took part in the campaign and each player has a page devoted to his army. There are quite few special rules (for example certain teritories give you certain bonuses etc.) and advancement options for units and your heroes. After each game you roll for Spoils of War, injured characters roll on the special table to see what happens to the, units get veteran skills and so on. Very nice!

Campaign is divided in 4 seasons (starting with spring) each with its own scenarios that you can play alongside ones from the rulebook and there are also some season-specific rules. Each season also has descriptions of what was happening in campaign run by GW guys and makes for an interesting read. Gaes get more interesting as there is possibility of forming alliances and having multi-player games as well.Ā  It took me back to times when White Dwarf was worth reading and wasn’t just a glorified catalogue and it was definitely a nice feeling. .

There are a lot of things that you can use for your non-campaign games as well, such as rules for fighting in underground caverns that can spice up for battles a bit (falling stalactites are really good idea that add bit of randomness). At the end of the book there is 8 pages of rules for sieges by Jervis Johnson . Simple yet quite well written. Essentially each army, both defending and attacking gets extra point allowance to buy siege equipment, special ammunition, defence upgrades and so on. Upgrades are really expensive point wise though, so don’t expect to have too many of them in use at the same time.

In general this is pretty nice and interesting book and definitely something different as well. If you like idea of running campaigns with your mates and have enough time to do it, then this supplement can definitely offer you a lot and also serve as a source of inspiration for designing your own campaigns.


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