Blood in the Badlands campaign book review

GW just released their latest supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and our club decided to purchase a copy. As usual I used it as an opportunity to write a review, so here we go.

First of all- price. Book costs 20 pounds and we get 96 pages, full colour book with hardback cover. Not bad I have to say.

Now about the book itself. Essentially this is a supplement presenting you with an option of playing ongoing campaign between few players for control of Badlands. It is suggested to use Mighty Empires for this but of course if you don’t have a copy it will be easy enough to make your own campaign board. Book starts with presenting  armies of people from GW that took part in the campaign and each player has a page devoted to his army. There are quite few special rules (for example certain teritories give you certain bonuses etc.) and advancement options for units and your heroes. After each game you roll for Spoils of War, injured characters roll on the special table to see what happens to the, units get veteran skills and so on. Very nice!

Campaign is divided in 4 seasons (starting with spring) each with its own scenarios that you can play alongside ones from the rulebook and there are also some season-specific rules. Each season also has descriptions of what was happening in campaign run by GW guys and makes for an interesting read. Gaes get more interesting as there is possibility of forming alliances and having multi-player games as well.  It took me back to times when White Dwarf was worth reading and wasn’t just a glorified catalogue and it was definitely a nice feeling. .

There are a lot of things that you can use for your non-campaign games as well, such as rules for fighting in underground caverns that can spice up for battles a bit (falling stalactites are really good idea that add bit of randomness). At the end of the book there is 8 pages of rules for sieges by Jervis Johnson . Simple yet quite well written. Essentially each army, both defending and attacking gets extra point allowance to buy siege equipment, special ammunition, defence upgrades and so on. Upgrades are really expensive point wise though, so don’t expect to have too many of them in use at the same time.

In general this is pretty nice and interesting book and definitely something different as well. If you like idea of running campaigns with your mates and have enough time to do it, then this supplement can definitely offer you a lot and also serve as a source of inspiration for designing your own campaigns.



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One response to “Blood in the Badlands campaign book review

  1. Sureshot05

    Thank you for this review. I had been on the fence about this book and appear to have the same Siege background as yourself. Nice to hear that they have expanded campaign rules, was the biggest let down in Mighty Empires.

    Now, I think I may have found my personal Christmas treat… 🙂

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