Demon army WIP

It has been a long time since I put any of my work here. Recently I am working on my demon project for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Being me as usual I thought it is an excellent opportunity to do some conversions, either because some GW models are too expensive or because I simply don’t like them .

First thing to land in my workshop was Keeper of Secrets. Ages ago I got some bits of that demon in some random job lot I purchased off somebody. Instead of getting a new model I decided I can fix that one. Couple of Carnifex claws later and some greenstuffing effect is not half bad and Keeper looks more chunky and bit more aggressive, which is definitely a plus for me.







Another unit that I decided to make myself is chaos furies. I have to say that GW ones are among the worst models that company ever produced. It took me some time to figure out what to do. Just as I was looking at daemonettes riding seekers it suddenly occurred to me that their poses look as if they are flying. Some spare harpy wings, greenstuff, some rocks to base them on and a bit later I have furies unit that actually looks really nice.


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