15mm Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons from Plastic Soldier Company

I had been eagerly awaiting release of that set from PSC. Finally it was out and after a visit to Onslaught Games in Brighton I had that little box in my hands. I was unable to write that review earlier due to me being away, but now I am back and it is time to finally write it!

So for 16.50 pounds (or bit less if you buy the box off Onslaught Games or other online sellers) we get a nice looking box of hard plastic miniatures which are already becoming more and more popular, especially among Flames opf War players.

Inside the box we get 4 Maxim HMGs, 4x50mm mortars, 4x50mm mortars, 4×82 mm mortars, 4x120mm mortars and finally 8 PTRS anti-tank rifles (in two different poses). Everything comes on 3 sprues.

As you can see on the picture some models are multi-part, probably due to the nature of material. As usual with PSC products it looks worse than it really is and actually they assemble very easily and fast, all elements fitting perfectly.

Models are made very nice and there the detail is surprisingly high. There is no flash and occasional mold lines are no problem to remove. My only grip is with poses for anti-tank rifles. Since there are only two and for FoW it is generally a good idea to put two rifles on one base, they look bit odd together, as one is laying in shooting position and other one is very static, with a soldier simply standing with a weapon on his shoulder. Standing model would look much better in more dynamic pose. Mortar crews look amazing with soldiers covering their ears, although one of them holding a shell looks more like he is holding ammunition for a gun, not mortar, but those are minor problems.

Models also scale really well with Battlefront ones and for that price whole set is simply a great bargain, allowing you to add support weapons to more elite Russian formations such as Sapper-Engineers or if you want to form weapon companies, especially prevalent in Mid War Russian lists. Definitely recommended!

As usual whole set comes without any bases, but few pounds spent in warbases.co.uk will get you everything you need. Similar amount of weapons from Battlefront would cost you a lot more.

(model in right bottom corner is a BF one for comparison)


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