M16 quad AA halftracks by Forged in Battle

With 3rd edition of Flames of War air support is becoming much more popular choice, therefore I decided that my Soviets need bit more proper AA defence than Dshk machineguns on trucks. I do like my support choices to be as mobile as possible so M16 quad AA haltracks from lend-lease American aid were obvious choice for me. After quick search I found out that the cheapest option would be buying set of 3 sold by Forged in Battle. Being at the Salute it wasn’t difficult to locate the box and 13.50 pounds later I was a owner of brand new set of those vehicles.
So what do we get in the box exactly? As you can see on the picture below there are 3 resin halftracks with bases attached to them (some people don’t like it but personally I really don’t mind), metal quad AA gun consisting of 3 elements and 3 crew for each vehicle. Since the crew is American they will be of no use to me, but for those that are interested there is a driver and 2 sitting crew figures. Let’s have a closer look at models themselves.
First of all to my surprise there is literally no mold lines- casting is perfect and I didn’t spot any flaws. There was almost no flash to clear either, only top bit of gun barrels had tiny bit of metal that had to be clipped off and that was it. Detail on vehicles is very sharp, there is lots of equipment attached to it and they come in two varieties, one with and one without rope on the front of the halftrack. They assembled easily and parts are fitting well, so there is no problem here. In general I can say I am very happy with that set. Battlefront sells theirs for 7.50 each and retail price for FiB ones is 15.50 pounds so as you can see there is definitely a difference here. I don’t have BF model with me to compare but from what I remember they didn’t look any better. Another important thing is that Forged in Battle vehicles scale well with BF ones, so as far as I am concerned the choice is obvious 🙂



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3 responses to “M16 quad AA halftracks by Forged in Battle

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    This is relevant to my interests…

  2. Mike M.

    Although I am not a allied player. I have been on the fence about trying some FIB figs as the price difference is, as mentioned can be drastic. After reading your review and checking out the pics I think I will give them a try. Thanks for posting the review!


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