1/56 POWSTANIEC armoured truck by Scheltrum Miniatures

One of the things I was on the lookout for at Salute was some sort of addition to my Very British Civil War force. I managed to pick up lovely armored truck from Scheltrum miniatures that will fit in just fine.
Powstaniec (or “Insurgent” in English) was an improvised armored truck used by Poles during Silesia Uprisings in 1919, when newly reborn Polish state was fighting with weakened Germany over control of disputed Upper Silesia region. I am not planning on playing any games involving that particular period, however as with all other improvised armored cars and trucks they are usually perfect for use in VBCW for any force really. Powstaniec is not different in that respect.

For 20 quid we are getting big block or resin and separately 5 machine guns and set of 4 wheels. Obviously assembly is really simple as you basically only need to stick few metal elements on a resin main body.
Cast itself is rather good- on a main body there is no mold lines to get rid of and only tiniest amount of flash, which is always good sign. Machine guns require a little bit of work with cleaning flash and mold lines, but since its only few small elements, work takes hardly any time at all.

As far as the model itself goes, it is pretty accurate. There is a bit of a difference from the original truck though, as the model has differently shaped turret that original Powstaniec (you can see on historical pictures that turret was round shape, not box type that Scheltrum did). As however most of people are going to be using it for VBCW, this is not a problem at all and ever for a historical game in that period this is a very minor issue as well.
All other detail is pretty crisp and accurate and at 20 pounds I find Powstaniec truck a good purchase and can thoroughly recommend it to both modeller and anybody playing VBCW (or Silesian Uprisings).


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