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Reiver Castings civilian artillery crew

Yet another of my purchase s from the Salute 2012. My VBCW army was definitely suffering from lack of civilian crews for my artillery.I had to convert miniatures, swapping heads etc. Now Reiver Castings came to help people like me who field irregular forces in VBCW and released set of civilian crew. Just what I needed!
For 11 pounds we are getting 10 figures, so it is a very decent price indeed.
There are 3 poses but with different heads so no figure is really the same. Scale is bit on a small side, more 25mm, but as not everybody is the same size in real life they will look really good mixed in with models from other manufacturers, or alternatively you can go for whole crew from the Reiver.
Quality of cast is good, miniatures are nice although they do have fair bit amount of flash to get rid off and some minor mold lines as well, but nothing major that would be a problem. Only thing I don’t like is standing guys with flatcaps and hats that seems to be lacking neck, as a result looking bit weird. All in all however this is very welcome addition to Reiver Castings growing VBCW range and I certainly hope to see more civilian stuff there!


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