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6mm Resin Cast Buldings range- review

It all really started by accident. i was looking on Ebay for some affordable 6mm scenery to use in our cold War commander games and then found few buildings that looked interesting. I managed to win one of them (RAF control tower) and when I got it, inside there was a little leaflet with few website details and saying that there is more 6mm scenery available there. I checked the address and I was simply in awe. I am not sure how Mick and his casting project remained relatively unknown till now, but amount of stuff offered there was amazing and exactly what I was looking for. After finding out about the prices (now they are on the website) I realized that the buildings not only look good, they are actually very cheap as well! So I made quite a big order, getting mostly stuff to build proper air base, but also few industrial buildings such as small brewery, granary and warehouse. Items arrived very fast, extremely well packed.
What can I cay? That was great bargain. Looking at each building I was surprised with amount of detail that is there and how crisp they are. No miscasts, no mold lines to clear and not much flash. I can only say that I am really, really happy with those buildings. Mick has a lot of projects in the pipeline, including full railway station set (tracks and couple of buildings are already available, but I will wait till I can get the lot 🙂 and it is definitely worth keeping an eye on his website.

You can find it at:

Don’t take my word for it, have a look at the buildings yourself:


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