Railway station set from 6mm Resin Cast Buildings/Leven Miniatures

I have been pretty busy recently, so I didn’t really have much time to write any new reviews. Already few weeks ago Mick from 6mm Resin Cast Buildings/Leven Miniatures sent me his newly produced railway station set.As usual price is very affordable and for nearly 25 quid plus postage you are getting a big lot of buildings allowing you to build complete railway station together with all extra buildings plus gives you plenty of tracks as well, railway bridge and arches to allow you to build tunnel through the hill/mountain.
As with the airfield set buildings are very nicely cast, almost no flash to remove and no visible mold lines. Detail on everything is also very crisp, although I would recommend sticking some card or other form of support under tracks as they are pretty thin… just to stay on the safe side 😉
I honestly cannot recommend this set and other terrain produced by Mick enough. It is good both for II World War games and for modern conflicts in Europe.
Mick has more buildings in the pipeline, his list of planned stuff is pretty impressive and you can already check the pictures on his website. All in all that new small company is a great addition to 6mm gaming.

Website for the buildings is: http://www.leven-village.co.uk/buildings/buildings.htm


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