My Warsaw Uprising project in 15mm begins!

I had this project in the pipeline for quite a long time now. Yesterday was 68th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising and accidentally this is when I put first base of my new Flames of War force together. It is a bit of a challenge as I want all bases to be urban style. I don’t really want to buy lots of expensive Battlefront bases for that so I decided to make my own. First base for my Kedyw SMG platoon is ready to go. I sculpted cobblestones myself and added bit of rubble, also sculpting part of the pavement from green stuff. At the moment I am constructing urban bases for all my force, that will be then cast in resin, as doing few dozen bases by hand would require far too much work.

I also clipped bases of the models so they don’t look out of place on the cobbled floor. I am quite happy with the effect I must say! Figures are Peter Pig and Battlefront.



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2 responses to “My Warsaw Uprising project in 15mm begins!

  1. Your base is really like a small diorama. Keep us informed of the progress!

  2. Thanks! I am really trying to give them bit more character than regular Flames of War force has. 🙂

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