Warsaw Uprising project- more stuff coming!

Ok, another batch of miniatures done. Started painting my sniper team (as I want to add more scenery then and it would make it very difficult to paint afterwards). Base on the picture is obviously still WIP. Got some BF rubble bases and I have to say I am not that impressed. They require a lot of filling, greenstuffing gaps etc. (you can see it on the picture). They are not bad though and also all the little extra bits on the sprue are great and I already copied some of them with instant mould to add to my other bases. And yes, still didn’t cast mine, but it will happen and they will also be available for sale.
So I got another Kedyw SMG team, one AK rifle team and smg panzerfaust CO team. Hope you like them.


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One response to “Warsaw Uprising project- more stuff coming!

  1. Big Brother

    Great job but the pictures seem to be out of focus to fully appreciate the work you have done. What are the settings in your camera?

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