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Demon Prince finished!

Finally work on my Tzeentch Demon Prince is finished. I am aware that I am not a very good painter, but I am still pretty happy  with the final result. What do you guys think?





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more work on my Demon Prince

My Demon Prince is shaping up and there is not much time left, so next stage will be painting. I added some pads on his knees, tzeentch symbol and sculpted left overs of armour on him (as he will be using power armour ).  Hope you like the final effect before painting 🙂

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Plastic Soldier Company 45mm anti-tank gun set

Finally PSC released some artillery in 15mm. A lot of us had been waiting for that moment for a long time, as Battlefront guns are pretty expensive, especially if you play Russians and you might need a lot of them 🙂

First set is famous Russian 45mm anti tank gun, with an option to make 1942 type, 1937 type and also 76mm field gun as well. What is not to like?

As usual with PSC price of the box is very affordable. For 16.50 pounds we are getting 4 guns, which is frankly a bargain in my opinion. As usual no disappointments on that front.

So what do we get in the box? Each sprue has 5 models of crew (so if you are using them for FOW, you will have 4 guys spare from the box, always useful), 3 different barrels to give you an option of doing one of three mentioned guns plus couple of ammo crates, which are a very nice little extra.

Quality of sculpts is very good. No flash, I didn’t even spot any mold marks You do have to be however careful when removing certain elements of the gun from the sprue as they are bit fickle and can break. Barrel of 76mm gun doesn’t fit well into a gun shield, so you will have to work with a file a little bit to get it in. Nothing major though.

In general another very good set from PSC and i personally hope we will see more affordable artillery from that company. There is set of ZIS 2 and 3 anti tank guns available as well which I will be getting soon. In the meantime have a look at those pictures:


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Tzeentch demon prince

Tzeentch demon prince is my another project for chaos space marines as I am going to be using him in upcoming doubles tournament in December. Possibly not the greatest choice in game, but still pretty decent and also obviously great converting opportunity. I had main plastic body plus some bits so I decided to see what will come out of this. This is the result so far:


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Tzeentch “count-as” Obliterators for 40k

So new chaos space marine codex is out for some time and I can finally start working on my chaos army after they spent last however many months in a box.

Since I am going for Tzeentch warband theme visually I decided that instead of using Obliterators I will go for some kind of sorcerers that use plenty of offensive powers. It fits with the theme much more than obliterators and also I am just really not keen on using figures that are available for them. This is very much work in progress. One of the models is from terminator lord box set with few greenstuffed extras (such as sorcerous fire coming out of his hands), other two are made our of AOBR terminators and so far I am pretty pleased with the result. Of course this is not the end yet.


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