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Grot Mega Tank (nearly) finished

My Gort Mega Tank was (nearly) finished for the super heavy tourno. Still more painting to do, as I just got it to the acceptable standard plus need to make some more weapons for it to have all options possible (FW supplies two of each, which kind of limits the options a bit).

All missing parts arrived by courier from ForgeWorld as promised, so very impressive customer service I have to add.

I have to say I absolutely love that model. In game is bit random, but added to a theme very nicely and survived fair bit, whilst killing good amount of enemies.

Kaptin’s head snapped off after upper turret fell on the floor and I found it only after the tournament, so I had to improvise. Luckily “red army” grot head from MicroArt Studios fits great.



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Scratchbuilt Grot Tanks WIP

So few weeks ago there was a super heavy 40k tournament, type of event that I absolutely love as it gives me a chance to do some conversions and painting for my Orks. This year I went with armoured company theme for them and since I wanted to use my FW grot mega-tank, I needed grot tank mob as well. Using my ork bits box for that purpose I managed to put together 5 little tanks, including one driven by Kaptin (rerolls for the random move distance are helpful plus he gets to choose two weapons, so extra rokkit comes in handy). They were great in the tournament, as most of the time they got ignored due to more dangerous targets being on the board and this way they managed to kill fair bit of stuff.


Painting is only basic, so not finished yet by all means, but you get the idea :

DSCI0964 DSCI0965 DSCI0966 DSCI0967 DSCI0968

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