Growler creature review


Every orc&goblin player (well, or at least big majority of them) love their Mangler Squigs. At the same time most of us cringe at the though of spending 36 pounds for a model that most of the time dies very quickly and on top of that is made from Failcast ( which for me personally is a big no), so search for alternative models started pretty quickly.   Some time ago I spotted on Da Warpath forum pictures of a “Growler” creature sculpted by Juan from Spain. I really liked them and not long after that they became available to buy!

I ordered myself a couple from the few options available and they arrived very quickly. They were not packed that great, but this is a very solid resin, not some brittle excuse for it, so the bubble wrap was enough 🙂

First of all- practically no flash. Very clean, nice casts, lots of detail, no bubbles- top job in my opinion! Assembly was easy and after some greenstuffing (not a lot, just some gaps near jaw) they are ready to be primed and painted.

There are more options for the creatures, I only got two of them (I liked the armoured look).

If you want to get them, those are the details and prices:

contact email: 

15€ Each.
With the possibility of choosing among all parts.
You get 1 body, 1 mandible, 1 left leg and one right leg.
Plus 1×60 mm round base.

Full pack 51€.
You get the 4 models (All parts are different).
4 bodies, 4 mandibles, 4 left legs and 4 right legs.
Plus 2×60 mm round bases.

For 4€ more you get enough metallic chains to mangle them or 2x extra 60mm round bases.

Postage 5€ for Spain, 10€ for Europe, 15€ worldwide.
Comes with tracking code to check your parcel

All in all it was a great buy and thoroughly recommended!


DSCI0983 DSCI0982 DSCI0981





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