6mm Heroics&Ros Mi-6 Hook helicopter

I have been waiting to add Mi-6 Hook to my Soviet paras for a long time. After disastrous purchase from Skytrex ages ago (review of that model is somewhere on this blog) I kept hearing that H&R meant to release one. Two years ago at Salute I have seen work in progress and it looked good. At this years Salute it was finally available and I was a first person to buy it 🙂

Model costs 15 pounds. It’s not cheap but it is massive and definitely worth it. Nicely sculpted body cast in green resin plus other elements such as wheels and wings in metal. Rotors are high quality brass ones and just add the professional look to the model.

Elements fit very well, there was tiny amount of flash on metal elements and none whatsoever on the main body. There is a satisfying level of detail on it as well.  My only minor gripe is that a hole for front is too much forward, although perhaps it was just my copy that was cast that way. Apart from that model is very good and it looks fantastic when assembled. Well done Heroics&Ros!

(picture of an assembled helicopter is without wings as I received two same wings by accident and currently awaiting replacement, also I put wheels wrong way around for this picture, but they are in the right position now! 🙂

DSCI1028 DSCI1027 DSCI1026 DSCI1022




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3 responses to “6mm Heroics&Ros Mi-6 Hook helicopter

  1. Ilias Mastoris

    Congratulations! I’m very envious. Like you, I’ve got Soviet paras whose BMDs need to be dropped.
    You say that you bought the Mi-6 Hook from H&R, but I can’t for the life of me find it in their online (pdf) catalogue.
    Do they have a range of minis that I can’t see online?

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