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Flashpoint Miniatures 15mm Vietnam range review

Recently I started collecting PAVN force for Flames of War/ Tour of Duty. After getting a mix of Peter Pig and Battlefront stuff I also spotted Flashpoint miniatures during my internet searching. Soon after I received couple of blisters courtesy of my brother as a present. Thanks bro! 🙂

Blisters I received were PAVN HQ and also Sappers blister. Personally I didn’t have to pay for mine, but for us in Europe they work out quite pricey as Flashpoint Miniatures is a company operating from Australia, being 22 AUD for HQ and 24 AUD for Sappers (roughly 14 and over 15 quid) and that is not including costs of postage.

Models came in nice blister packs. Sapper one had 28 miniatures  and HQ 25 miniatures. Worth mentioning is plethora of poses you get- 15 unique models in for sappers and 19 for HQ. That is quite a lot and only few minis repeat themselves in blisters packs- definitely a big plus in my books!  As you can see on pictures poses are dynamic and looking good. Sappers are armed with explosives on sticks, flamethrowers, ladders and nice mixture of weapon such as AK 47s, PPSh submachineguns and so on. HQ pack has also nice models in it, including spotters, command figures standard bearers and even a bugler!

Models scale very well with Battlefront ones as you can see on the comparison picture (BF models are based ones).

My only problem with those minis was that some of them have fairly big amount of flash to get rid of, which in 15mm scale can be bit of a pain. I am not sure if this is a case with this particular batch or all across the range. Also few of the weapons seems to be sculpted pretty badly (some AK 47s simply lacking barrels etc.) but all in all i am very happy with those models.

If you are based in Europe price makes it very expensive to make all force out of them, but if you look to add more variety and character to your troops, then I would definitely recommend spending bit more money and getting some blisters from Flashpoint Miniatures!


DSCI1067 DSCI1072 DSCI1070DSCI1073


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28mm Scheltrum miniatures Polish POW militia review

Amongst many miniatures I brought home from last Salute show was latest release from Scheltrum miniatures.  It’s always good to see  stuff released for more niche ranges. We got three sets of Polish POW militia ( POW stands for Polska Organizacja Wojskowa or Polish Military Organisation) for inter war period. This figures are suitable for Polish-Bolshevik War, but also with small adjustments (removing eagle symbols from hats) can be easily used for Baltic States militia units and of course for Very British Civil War, where they can work as militia troops of all sorts.

First thing is the price. At 5.50 pounds per 4 models they are priced very decently, nothing to complain about here 🙂

There are 2 sets of riflemen plus one command set including standard bearer and LMG gunner with Lewis.

Some flash on miniatures to get rid of (as seen on picture) but nothing major. Same goes for mould lines- there are some, but nothing major and quick work with a file sorts it out.

I have to say I like most of those models- they have enough character (due with a hand axe looks bad ass!), although some more poses would be handy (maybe couple of miniatures laying on the ground or kneeling?). Detail on them is quite good as well and in packs I received there were no miscasts.

There is however room for improvement here. There are couple of problems with some of the miniatures. Main issue for me is that some of the riflemen holding rifles by the butts do it in completely unrealistic way. They are holding them in a wrong spots and in a manner that would make it very difficult to do in in reality. Other issue, one that a lot of previous Scheltrum miniatures suffered from and one that luckily seems to be affecting them less and less is that heads on couple of models (especially LMG gunner) just seem to be at very weird angle and LMG gunner looks like he doesn’t have much neck. Also his hat seems to be too big comparing to the other models. Despite some imperfections and problems Scheltrum Miniatures continues to offer good value for your money  and needs to be applauded for releasing more and more stuff for interwar range that nobody was doing before. As I mentioned already this stuff is also absolutely perfect for use with Very British Civil War forces, whether is more organised looking militia force or perhaps BUF.

Check their website at for more releases (Cossack cavalry anyone?).


DSCI1058 DSCI1057 DSCI1054

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6mm Soviet APCs and improved T-55s from Heroics&Ros

This Salute I purchased a lot of goodies for my modern Soviet army to fill in the gaps I still had. Heroics and Ros was an obvious choice for some of the stuff. They only just released new T-55 models with improved armour. I have to say that the level of detail on them is much better than on other H&R tanks, so it’s nice to see that company that produces good quality stuff anyway still finds a room for improvement.






Also got some of the older models. As usual with H&R products, there were no mould lines and very little flash to get rid of. You can see some of them are older models, as BTR 50 and MT-LB transport lacked some detail that you can find on newer models, but still good enough. PT-75 looks very nice as well.



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Scotia Grendel 6mm Soviet Artillery review

I recently decided to upgrade my Soviet artillery park, so started looking for a manufacturer that would do all the missing artillery for my army. Scotia Grendel had most of stuff I needed in their offer so I promptly made an order.  Models were dispatched very quickly and with no problems, with one missing element quickly replaced.

Models themselves are very nice. Good detail, no mould lines to get rid of, very little flash to clean, exactly what I like. Most of artillery pieces are cast already on small bases with shells, crates etc added on to it, which makes it look really nice.

Below are ZIS 2 57mm anti-tank guns with some Heroics and Ros crew added on. Each gun came with elements to build either firing or limbered version, which is a plus as you can represent them being in transport if you want to.


Also got a lot of heavier guys as well: 240mm mortars, 130mm field guns, s-23 180mm field guns and BM-24 rocket launchers. That should add enough firepower to my modern Soviet army 🙂




Last thing to add were two MT-LB transports with 82mm mortars. Again, nice models with enough detail on them.


This batch of Scotia Grendel kits was very good, definitely happy with them and also with prices (very affordable) and customer service. Definitely recommended!

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