6mm Soviet APCs and improved T-55s from Heroics&Ros

This Salute I purchased a lot of goodies for my modern Soviet army to fill in the gaps I still had. Heroics and Ros was an obvious choice for some of the stuff. They only just released new T-55 models with improved armour. I have to say that the level of detail on them is much better than on other H&R tanks, so it’s nice to see that company that produces good quality stuff anyway still finds a room for improvement.






Also got some of the older models. As usual with H&R products, there were no mould lines and very little flash to get rid of. You can see some of them are older models, as BTR 50 and MT-LB transport lacked some detail that you can find on newer models, but still good enough. PT-75 looks very nice as well.




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