Scotia Grendel 6mm Soviet Artillery review

I recently decided to upgrade my Soviet artillery park, so started looking for a manufacturer that would do all the missing artillery for my army. Scotia Grendel had most of stuff I needed in their offer so I promptly made an order.  Models were dispatched very quickly and with no problems, with one missing element quickly replaced.

Models themselves are very nice. Good detail, no mould lines to get rid of, very little flash to clean, exactly what I like. Most of artillery pieces are cast already on small bases with shells, crates etc added on to it, which makes it look really nice.

Below are ZIS 2 57mm anti-tank guns with some Heroics and Ros crew added on. Each gun came with elements to build either firing or limbered version, which is a plus as you can represent them being in transport if you want to.


Also got a lot of heavier guys as well: 240mm mortars, 130mm field guns, s-23 180mm field guns and BM-24 rocket launchers. That should add enough firepower to my modern Soviet army 🙂




Last thing to add were two MT-LB transports with 82mm mortars. Again, nice models with enough detail on them.


This batch of Scotia Grendel kits was very good, definitely happy with them and also with prices (very affordable) and customer service. Definitely recommended!


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One response to “Scotia Grendel 6mm Soviet Artillery review

  1. J Hancock

    I have to agree about the quality of H and R. Over the years they have steadily improved all their models. It’s astonishing how much detail they manage to get on such small models. However I still keep the old stuff to hand lumpy or not.

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