Flashpoint Miniatures 15mm Vietnam range review

Recently I started collecting PAVN force for Flames of War/ Tour of Duty. After getting a mix of Peter Pig and Battlefront stuff I also spotted Flashpoint miniatures during my internet searching. Soon after I received couple of blisters courtesy of my brother as a present. Thanks bro! 🙂

Blisters I received were PAVN HQ and also Sappers blister. Personally I didn’t have to pay for mine, but for us in Europe they work out quite pricey as Flashpoint Miniatures is a company operating from Australia, being 22 AUD for HQ and 24 AUD for Sappers (roughly 14 and over 15 quid) and that is not including costs of postage.

Models came in nice blister packs. Sapper one had 28 miniatures  and HQ 25 miniatures. Worth mentioning is plethora of poses you get- 15 unique models in for sappers and 19 for HQ. That is quite a lot and only few minis repeat themselves in blisters packs- definitely a big plus in my books!  As you can see on pictures poses are dynamic and looking good. Sappers are armed with explosives on sticks, flamethrowers, ladders and nice mixture of weapon such as AK 47s, PPSh submachineguns and so on. HQ pack has also nice models in it, including spotters, command figures standard bearers and even a bugler!

Models scale very well with Battlefront ones as you can see on the comparison picture (BF models are based ones).

My only problem with those minis was that some of them have fairly big amount of flash to get rid of, which in 15mm scale can be bit of a pain. I am not sure if this is a case with this particular batch or all across the range. Also few of the weapons seems to be sculpted pretty badly (some AK 47s simply lacking barrels etc.) but all in all i am very happy with those models.

If you are based in Europe price makes it very expensive to make all force out of them, but if you look to add more variety and character to your troops, then I would definitely recommend spending bit more money and getting some blisters from Flashpoint Miniatures!


DSCI1067 DSCI1072 DSCI1070DSCI1073


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  1. NamGrunt

    Very cool, the sappers look great and are a much needed addition to my force. Thanks for the review.

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